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Hazardous Material Online Training - Transportation of dangerous goods - Formations-Web Canada Inc.



Online Hazardous Materials Training
verified and compliant to CNESST and Transport Canada standards

Online WHMIS 2015 training

WHMIS has been in effect in Canada since 1988. It is the standard for hazards communication for hazardous products in the workplace. In February 2015 WHMIS became WHMIS 2015 following the adoption of the Globally Harmonized System (or GHS). The transition period ended on December 1, 2018. Persons handling hazardous materials must therefore undergo WHMIS 2015 training.

WHMIS 2015 Training
Formation TMD - BIO 109 - Transport de matières biologiques

Online TDG Training Class 6.2

Transporting biomedical substances by ground

Transport of biological substances training (BIO-109) is intended for staff transporting biological samples (taxi drivers, healthcare or hospital delivery service providers). This training is not suitable for staff who are collecting and preparing shipments such as nurses and lab technician (see BIO-101 for ground transport and BIO-105 for air).

Online TDG Training Class 6.2

Shipping and transporting biological samples by ground

This training is designed specifically for staff collecting and preparing and transporting shipments of biological substances for ground shipment (medical clinics, filed nurses, health centers, veterinary clinics). For those involved in air transportation or with FedEX Express, you must also take our BIO-105 training.

Formation TMD - BIO-101 - Matières biologiques
Formation TMD - BIO-105 - Transport aérien de matières biologiques

Online TDG Training Class 6.2

Shipping biological samples by air (and FedEx)

This training is designed as a complement to our BIO-101 training for staff collecting samples and preparing shipments to be transported by air or by FedEX Express.

Pre-requisite: BIO-101 / Ground shipment of biological substances

Online TDG Carrier Training

Transporting dangerous goods (classes 2-9 except 7)

This training is designed specifically designed for carriers and handlers of dangerous goods (i.e.: truck drivers, forklift operators etc.) and meets all Transport Canada requirements.


Formation TMD-116 - Petit transporteur de marchandises dangereuses

Online TDG Training
Service Truck & Small Carriers

Shipping and transporting biological samples by ground

This training is intended for carriers of dangerous goods in quantities of less than 500 kg. This training meets the latest TDGR requirements and is ideal for couriers and service trucks (refrigeration technicians, welders, repairmen,  cleaning services, etc.).  It is not suitable for shippers offering dangerous goods to independent carriers (see TDG-201 or TDG-101) or for flammable gas cylinders over 46L, toxic gases, radioactive, organic peroxides, infectious or explosive materials.

#1 Training Center in Canada

Our TDG and WHMIS courses are the most popular on-line hazardous material courses across Canada.


Certification recognized by Transport Canada, Transport Québec, IATA, USDoT and the CNESST.

Simple & Easy

Our training programs are the most cost efficient and user friendly, making you safer, faster.

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